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Billy Goat Outback Brushcutter / Mower

The Outback Hydro Brushcutter is a commercial-duty walk behind brush hog ideal for rough terrain, hills up to 20-degree slope, and wet or uneven conditions. Make quick work of under-brush, berries, bramble, vines, tall grass and small trees up to 2" diameter and 6ft tall - all at a rate of just under an acre of brush per hour.

  • Engine 388cc Honda
  • Fuel Unleaded Petrol
  • Weight 155kg
  • Width 79cm
  • Length 211cm
  • Productivity of just under one acre per hour
  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Pivoting deck
  • Ideal for clearing meadows and fields or cutting paths and trails through dense overgrown areas

Hydraulic Post Hole Borer

One man operation.
No torque reaction.
Hydraulic power.
No belts, chains or gearboxes to break.
Auger reverse to screw out of clay, roots etc.
Weight = 100kg

TCP mini Crusher

Ideal for a wide variety of small crushing jobs where concrete and brick building waste can be rapidly reduced to useable hardcore, thus saving the cost of both cart-away and imported fill.

Fully interlocked, four point safety and security system.
Dust suppressant system.
Hydraulic powered 60 tonne crushing force.
Unique adjustable jaw gap (20 - 70 mm) using Adjustacrush© system.
Loading height 1150 mm with 400 mm by 400 mm inlet.
Replaceable liner plates are formed from abrasive resistant steel.
Easy to manoeuvre & passes through a standard doorway.
Length 1800mm, Width 700mm
Kubota diesel engine

Central Heating Powerflush Pump System

For the efficient removal of limescale and sludge from heating systems and boilers by circulating water and flushing chemicals at high velocity, then purging the dirty water from the system with a high flow of fresh clean water.

Radiators may be individually flushed without removal from the system.
The powerful 0.45hp pump will pump to a maximum head of 15 metres at a rate of 50 litres per minute.
The tank has a capacity of 24 litres and can be operated at a maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.
The Ro Pro-Flush pump may be used with any commercially available flushing and descaling chemicals, except for strong acids or alkalis based products

Makita Flail Mowers

Whether your problem is bulky green waste, tree brash, pallets, recycling, packaging materials, plastics, cardboard or contaminated timber, this versatile unit will save you time and money.

For a rapid clearance of brush and scrub.

Narrow enough to go through single gates to access rear gardens.
Steers by applying brakes to relevant wheel, so can turn in its own length.
Powerful 5.5ph 4-stroke Honda GX160 engine
24 Flail Shaft

6Kva Silenced Generators

Whether your problem is bulky green waste, tree brash, pallets, recycling, packaging materials, plastics, cardboard or contaminated timber, this versatile unit will save you time and money.

Output    6.0kVA/4.8KW
Sockets    BS4343 industrial sockets - 2x115v 16A sockets, 1x115v 32A sockets, 2x230v 16A sockets
Engine    Yanmar L100
HP/Cylinders    10/1
Fuel Tank    24.0 Litres
Run Time    17 hours @ 75% Load
Noise Level    71dB (A) @ 7 metres. 96LWA
Size    L1220xW710xH910mm
Weight    160kg

Vacuum Slab/Kerb Lifter

Designed to speed installation of concrete or natural stone slabs. Its light-weight, ergonomic design reduces worker fatigue and injury. Powered by rechargeable battery 12V. Allows a full day of laying operation without the need of recharging.

Model    Carrying Capacity
kg (lbs)    Dead Weight
kg (pbs)    Suction Plate Dimension
mm (in)
VPH 150    150 (330)*    16.5 (36)    440x250 (17¼x9¾)
*Value at 400 mbar low pressure

Genie SLA10 Superlift

A manually operated telescopic materials lift for positioning loads up to 454kg, to a maximum height of 3m. Easily operated by one person. Manoeuvrable and rolls easily through single door when in upright position.

Plasterboard and Panel Lifter

The lifting device that allows one man to position and fix ceiling boards & panels.

Wheel mounted board lifter
Twin cables for safety
The board can be raised up to 3.5 metres, swivelled through 360º and tilted to 45º
The metal frame easily dismantles into two main components