Power Tools

Hire or Buy Group stock a large range of power tools by many of the leading brands, as well as a vast range of accessories and consumables.

The beauty of buying in-store as opposed to on-line is the personal touch. When you buy from one of our stores you will be dealing with a real person who has real product knowledge and can advise you on the right choice of tool for your needs. Plus, if anything should go wrong with your tool you simply return it to us with your receipt and we will sort it out out for you.

ADDED BONUS - the added bonus of buying a power tool in-store from Hire or Buy Group is that in the event of anything going wrong with it during the warranty period, we will loan you (free of charge) an identical or similar tool to keep you working whilst yours is being repaired. To our knowledge no-one else can match this extra service.

So if you need something quickly and cant wait for an on-line delivery why not call in to one of our branches and talk to a real person today.